Why Every Cartoonist Needs An Opt-in Email List

One of the best tools a cartoonist can use for promoting his business is an opt-in email list. Here is the reason: If you have a website you are waiting for the prospect to visit you. Most website visitors only visit a site one or two times, then forget about it, unless it is one of the major sites such as Amazon, Facebook, or YouTube. But if a cartoonist builds and maintains an opt-in email list, he is in control. Instead of waiting for the prospect to visit you, you go to him.

There are several software programs you can use to help you with this type of mass mailing. A very popular one is Constant Contact. I personally like Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp is free if you have up to 2000 subscribers and you send no more than 12,000 emails per month. After that you pay a nominal fee based on the size of your subscriber base.

With these programs you create your email and it is automatically sent out to everyone on your list. If someone unsubscribes, the program automatically removes them or if emails bounce because a recipient has given a bad address or cancels their own email account, the program will update and remove them. These programs also provide you with stats so you know how many of the emails were opened and other details.

Programs such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact will provide you with a sign-up form for your website or social media site so people can subscribe to your list. They also insure that you are in compliance with anti-spamming laws in the way your emails are sent. For example these laws require you to identify yourself as the sender, and to provide a link where people can go to unsubscribe. If requested these services will also verify with the intended recipient that he truly does want to opt-in to your list.

Emails you send can be html emails, which you want if you intend to display your cartoons in the email, or they can be sent as plain text messages. Your email messages can include links to your website, social media sites, your YouTube channel or other destinations that you specify. It isn't even necessary for you to have a website in order to create an email list.

Emails you send serve to remind people of your services so that you get repeat visits to your website. This can result in more sales of your product or advertising revenue.

The hard part is building the list and growing it to a size where it is most profitable. I currently have about 650 subscribers to my lists, but it's not unusual for list owners to have thousands of subscribers.

My List-Growing Plan

I have come up with a plan involving cartoonists working together to build their lists and sharing in the benefits. I think with my plan it would be easy for a cartoonist to have his postings seen by many more viewers than if he tried to do it solely on his own. My plan is completely free. If there are any cartoonists reading this who already have an email list (even if it is very small) and who would like to learn more about my list-growing plan, please contact me.

Here are a couple of videos I found on YouTube which give suggestions for building your email list:

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