Nine Reasons Your Publication Needs Cartoons

1. Cartoons appeal to almost all demographics. There is a misconception held by many that cartoons are for children…that they are not sophisticated enough for a classy magazine. This is simply not true. Studies have shown that approximately 50 percent of those who read cartoons are adults and they come from all walks of life – doctors, lawyers, educators, professionals and working class.

2. Cartoons are easier to read than the printed article. No matter how busy your reader might be he is more apt to stop and read a cartoon whereas he may skip over an article.

3. A page containing cartoons is aesthetically more pleasing than a page containing mostly type.

4. Advertisers like cartoons. An advertiser wants his message to be noticed. If his ad is placed near a cartoon it increases the odds that people will see his ad. Cartoons may not sell subscriptions or magazine sales, but they can help sell advertising.

5. Cartoons are not costly. When you consider the time a writer spends to fill a space the same size as the space for a cartoon, the costs are very similar.

6. Cartoon illustrations encourage readers to read the articles.

7. Editing cartoons can be more fun and take less time than editing other types of content.

8. Online cartoons are very sharable on social media. This is a good way to increase readership without additional advertising costs.

9. Cartoons can be icebreakers in email marketing campaigns. By including an entertaining cartoon with your emails, readers are less apt to feel like you are spamming them.

Note: Online publications have one other advantage over printed publications. An online publication has the capability to display videos, including animated cartoons which are even more popular than printed cartoons.

Publishers: What is your opinion? I would love to hear feedback from editors who don’t currently use cartoons. Maybe by determining your reasons I can come up with better reasons why you might want to start using them.

Cartoonists: When editors tell you they don't use cartoons you are welcome to copy this page and send it to them.


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