Cartoon Markets

Listed on this page are markets which accept submissions from cartoonists. I will be continually adding more to this list and researching to find more new markets. I will announce new additions in my email newsletter , which is a free subscription.

More Markets

In addition to the markets listed here, you can find many more markets by subscribing to Gag Recap. I don't wish to infringe on their work by including those markets here. Gag Recap is a worthy investment, not only because of the marketing information they provide, but by seeing what various magazines have published, you get a better idea of what they want.

Another source is a book which is published annually by North Light Books: Artists' & Graphic Designers' Market . This reference can be found in most major bookstores or online at


American Legion

Animal Sheltering

Asian Enterprise

The Amorist


Bear Deluxe

Boys Life

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Christianity Today

Christian Science Monitor

Clipart Markets

Continental Features

Dakota Country

Electrical Apparatus

Elks Magazine

Georgia Magazine


Highlights for Children

The Monthly

The New Yorker

The Nation

The Optimist

Readers Digest

Saturday Evening Post

Scottish Field Magazine

Wall Street Journal

More to be added very soon.