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How To Come Up With Funny Cartoon Ideas

One challenge for cartoonists is coming up with good, salable ideas. On this page I am going to offer some suggestions.

Years ago, Cartoonists' Exchange, a correspondence course for cartoonists, had a device they called a Laugh Finder. I have created an online gag writing tool, which roughly follows their example. This gagwriting tool is helpful in trying to stimulate your imagination and I invite you to try it.

I am a cartoonist and write most of my own gags. I find I am able to slant ideas to almost any topic, which has aided me in selling a lot of my cartoons. I can actually write gags faster than I can find time to draw them (I draw slow), so I sometimes do gagwriting for other cartoonists. I am open to working with cartoonists in this respect, subject to the following conditions:

Cartoonists wishing to work with me in this respect should contact me by email, giving me details about their sales and experience.

Shown below are two videos I produced which provide some common formulas for gagwriting. I hope cartoonists will find these helpful.